Run away, run away

Bunnies.  Cute, right?  Here’s a nice bunny from the 4th of July parade down the road.  Aw.

Let’s take a look at some bunnies in collage.  First up,  Vivienne Strauss.

And Marty Gordon:

What happened to these people’s left arms?  Where are their legs?  Clearly these seemingly adorable little bunny rabbits were exposed to experimental serums.  We all know what happens when you mess with nature and give a bunny a shot of science.

It’s not just rabbits.  As we are reminded in this collage by Michael Leigh, you also don’t want to get ants anywhere near a nuclear test.

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  1. michael July 7, 2010 at 1:22 am #

    Great to be included in this timely posting Lisa. Enjoyed looking through your excellent blog!