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Ladies of Olympus

Aphrodite – goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and and procreation.


Artemis – goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals.


Demeter – goddess of agriculture, grain, and bread.


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Delightful things, part VI

Deep sea life

Whenever I need to remember that the world is full of wonder, my go-to subject is creatures of the sea, particularly the deep sea. It’s estimated that nearly 80% of all life in the world’s oceans has yet to be studied or even discovered. While we’re off exploring Mars and Pluto, there’s a whole alien world right here on our own planet to be explored.

These stunning photos are by Alexander Semenov, a marine biologist who most recently studied life in the Arctic sea. He will be leading the 3-year Aquatilis Expedition to explore the world’s oceans.


Kelly Puissegur

Obviously I have a thing for the absurd and animal-human hybrids, so naturally I love artist Kelly Puissegur.



Hassan Hajjaj

I first ran across Hassan Hajjaj’s work at Houston’s Fotofest a couple of years ago, and it seems like ever since then I see his work everywhere.  I wanted to go to his riad when I was in Marrakech. I tried. I must have been within feet of it, but I never found it. I was always lost in Marrakech.

Helen-PJI---------026 Joe-Casely-Hayford--028


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Roger Hiorns, A retrospective view of the pathway



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Texas before 10:00 – a road to nowhere

New Sweden, Manda, Coupland, Taylor and Hutto

August 9

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Geometric diversions


Maps & Legends



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But what kind of squirrel?

Whitaker’s Almanack, 1935:

“COLOURS NAMED, NUMBERED, AND CODED – The British Colour Council has issued a Dictionary of Colour Standards, the first volume of which shows 220 colours presented on pure silk ribbon and named, numbered and coded . . . The colours, other than spectrum colors, fall into three classes – those which can be matched to definitely existing standards, such as Wedgewood blue or Post Office red; those which can be matched to the average of a number of samples, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, such as squirrel, carrot, and sapphire; and those which the colour sensation attributed to a definite colour name shows a very wide divergence of opinion, such as sky blue, saxe blue, and old rose.”

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The Show On the Road

For the next few months some of my art is taking to the streets of Austin in The Show On The Road. The Show On The Road is a climate controlled, fully functioning contemporary mobile art gallery. You can keep up with the show on Twitter and Facebook.

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Project Blue Book, Case File 542

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Some things are too good to cut up



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Peas, peas, peas, let me get what I want


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