Spirit of America, 2019
American Virus, 2019
Caution, 2015
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2019 Travels: France

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2019 Travels: Big Bend National Park and Boquillas Del Carmen, Mexico

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2019 Travels: Marfa to Terlingua, Texas

Texas and Mexico, FM170

Movie set along FM170

1986: Clay Henry, beer-drinking goat, was elected mayor of Lajitas TX. 1992: Clay Henry was killed by his son in a drunken brawl over a she-goat. 2002: Clay Henry III was castrated by a local man who was tired of seeing beer wasted on a goat. 2019: Clay Henry IV enjoys wine coolers.

Starlight Theatre, Terlingua

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2019 Travels: Austin to Marfa



Somewhere along US highway 90



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Out for a walk

Collage of woman walking her tasmanian devil, dog, and birds.
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Doing my part to make cubicles better

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2018 Travels: Austin, TX to Terre Haute, IN and back

World’s largest mailbox, Casey, Illinois

Terre Haute, Indiana

Mecca, Indiana

Somewhere in Illinois

Laumeiere Sculpture Park, St. Louis

Somewhere in Missouri

Hwy 79, Texas


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2018 Travels: Chicago

I only got about two hours to roam Chicago. This bean will never fail to delight me.

Astros & Red Sox World Series on the city.

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2018 Travels: Bloomington, Minnesota

All I saw of Bloomington, Minnesota was the 528 yards between my hotel and an office. Also I got trapped in my hotel bathroom. This was an interesting evil business fox though.

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