Belize & Guatemala

Tikal, Guatamela

Oropendola nests

You might also know this view as the rebel base on the planet Yavin.

Caracol, Belize

Leaf cutter ants

A path the leaf cutter ants cleared through the jungle. That’s about five inches wide, and who knows how long.  One day I watched those ants carry a peanut vertically up a rock and into a rain god altar at Tikal.  A little while later, it started to rain.  Coincidence?

Howler monkeys

Howler monkeys!  If I had not researched this before I left and known what to expect, I would have been scared to death the first time I heard them.  I’m convinced I’ve heard this sound used for monsters in movies.  I took some crap video of my own to capture the howling, but this is much better:

Toilet Paper Mansion

There’s a big house outside San Ignacio, Belize, that is owned by a man who made his money in the toilet paper business.  It is known as The Shithouse.





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