Delightful things, Part I

It just occurred to me that I have been hoarding delightful things and not sharing them. This is wrong.  So now, I alert you to delight:

Art of David Fullerton

Adorable dioramas by Sabine Timm

Josh Ritter, whom I am convinced has developed extra strong facial muscles from smiling so much. He can write the hell out of a song. Here is one that he can’t sing on the radio.

The many projects of Brock Davis:

Paintings, illustration, & collage by Oliver Jeffers:

David Shrigley

Amelie Mancini’s Left Field baseball cards. She has two series so far – one featuring players’ bizarre injuries, and one with players with food-names. This, of course, is Astro Kevin Bass.

Stay tuned for more delights. I promise not to keep them to myself anymore.

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