Delightful things, Part II

Continuing with sharing the delight . . .

Bo Carter’s “Your Biscuits Are Big Enough For Me”

Bo was very subtle. Some of his other hits include “Banana in Your Fruit Basket” and  “Please Warm My Wiener.”

Continuing on a musical theme, let’s take a moment to appreciate Glen Hansard‘s guitar.

The guitar may be named “The Horse.” Hero Design Studio made a poster of it.

It has also been carved in pumpkin.

Here in Austin on the grounds of one of the art museums, artists have designed miniature golf holes. Course obstacles include giant chickens, scary clowns, and my favorite – the Nutrioppossomus by Boozefox.

Artist Andrea Dezso created an embroidery series based on lessons from her mother.

Alex Gross’ transformed cabinet cards:

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