Delightful things, part V

Nick Cave

Nick Cave the artist. Maybe Nick Cave the singer is delightful too, I don’t really know. Nick Cave the singer’s Wikipedia page says his lyrics are obsessed with death and violence, so maybe “delightful” is not exactly the appropriate adjective.

Nick Cave the artist creates “soundsuits” that are sculptural works in their own right . . .



. . . that take on a whole new level when donned by dancers.


Wayne White

“My mission is to bring humor into fine art . . . and if you agree with me, I think you’re going to come up against some resistance because there’s a lot of people in the art world with sticks up their butts.” – Wayne White

I’d say the documentary on Wayne White, Beauty is Embarrassing, is required viewing for anyone who brings humor into any form of “serious” art. It’ll make you feel better about what you’re up against.

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