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But what kind of squirrel?

Whitaker’s Almanack, 1935:

“COLOURS NAMED, NUMBERED, AND CODED – The British Colour Council has issued a Dictionary of Colour Standards, the first volume of which shows 220 colours presented on pure silk ribbon and named, numbered and coded . . . The colours, other than spectrum colors, fall into three classes – those which can be matched to definitely existing standards, such as Wedgewood blue or Post Office red; those which can be matched to the average of a number of samples, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, such as squirrel, carrot, and sapphire; and those which the colour sensation attributed to a definite colour name shows a very wide divergence of opinion, such as sky blue, saxe blue, and old rose.”

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

This summer I saw stuffed monkeys in three states.

Sighting 1. Brooklyn, New York.

A rare Polynesian baboon displayed with its victims.

Sighting 2. Tyler, Texas

Retired lab monkeys.

Sighting 3. Los Angeles, California

Canadian river monkeys.

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Thomas Edison has some thoughts about dandruff

“It has just occurred to me that the brain may digest certain portions of food, say the ethereal part, as well as the stomach – perhaps dandruff is the excreta of the mind – the quantity of this material being directly proportional to the amount of reading one indulges in. A book on German metaphysics would easily ruin a dress suit . . .”

– Thomas Edison, July 12, 1885

(From The New York Diaries, ed Teresa Carpenter)

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Fish men explore a new world undersea

“With our Aqualungs we were now able to descend to 200 or 300 feet . . . to go further exposes a diver, not merely to increased pressure, but to a phenomenon known as ‘the rapture of the depths.’ The chief symptom of this phenomenon is, to put it bluntly, the sensation of becoming as drunk as a hoot owl.” – Jacques -Yves Cousteau, National Geographic, 1952. Maiden voyage of the Calypso.



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A highly incomplete list of things Austin TV news stations have claimed can kill you

1. Grilling (July 4, 2011)
2. Mowing your lawn (April 17, 2011)
3. Blow drying your hair (March 8, 2011)
4. Sleeping (Feb 1, 2011)
5. Working behind a desk (December 27, 2010)
6. Reusable shopping bags (June 26, 2010)



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Self-proclaimed passions of Miss USA contestants, 2011

Miss Georgia: “Performing arts, shoes”

Miss Utah: “Modeling, manicures”

Miss Texas: “Roller coasters, doughnuts”

Miss Florida: “Classic cars, playing with dogs”



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Balmorhea, Texas

It’s been crazy windy out here in West Texas these past two days.  Tumbleweeds have been spotted.  One attacked my car.  My car won.


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